The 10 Best things to look for in Debt Settlement Services

Most people today often do not know where to turn when they find themselves in need of debt settlement services.  So, the go onto the Internet and type in something such as Credit Card Debt Help or Debt Reduction Services.  From there they get a list of companies who portend to be the best credit […]

The Debt Settlement Industry

The debt settlement industry dates back to around 1998, when pioneers of the industry, such as the owner of Nationwide Debt Reduction, Inc., realized the need for debt help for themselves, their businesses or family members. In NDR’s case, our owner was personally in debt himself and did not know where to turn to get […]

Finding the Right Debt Relief Company

You are facing a stack of credit card bills, you are barely making the minimum monthly payments and you do not know where to turn for help. Take heart. It is estimated that is 2011 alone, over 3.7 million American households sought some type of debt relief help. Of those, over 70% or 2.6 million […]

Debt…There Is A Solution!

If you have come across this article and have decided to take the time to read it, I commend you! The reason; having to face a stack of credit card debt that you simply cannot manage is not an easy task. I know, as I personally have been there more than once in my career(s). […]

A Common Myth Regarding Credit Card Debt

There is so much information on the Internet these days regarding debt, debt reduction versus debt consolidation and/or how debt management companies can be your “save all” when it comes to getting you out of debt. As the largest Christian Debt Reduction company in the United States today, our goal is to try and simplify […]

Does Debt Consolidation Really Work?

Many people ask us; what is the difference between a debt negotiation, debt settlement, debt relief or debt management company. In essence, all these companies are all very interchangeable. They differ a great deal however from what is described as a debt consolidation company however. To begin with a debt negotiation companies deal directly with […]

Is Debt Relief Program Right for You?

As odd as it may sound, you really may or may not know if a debt relief company is what you need when facing a myriad of credit card debt. Recently, we conducted a random study of approximately 1,500 people in and around the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our questionnaire consisted of ten basic questions relating […]