Christian Debt Consolidation

A Christian debt consolidation company is vastly different than a Christian debt reduction company. Christian debt consolidators are intermediaries. What they simply do, (for a fee, no less!) is collect monies from you. They then turn around and pay your creditors for you. You are already doing this. Why would you want to pay a company to do this for you? Secondly, because Christian Debt Consolidators work on behalf of the credit card companies, it is their practice to notify the three credit bureaus that you are working with a debt consolidator. This, in effect, appears as if you are in bankruptcy, which, of course, you are not.

Thirdly, these Christian Debt Consolidators have an extremely high drop out rate, because their clients eventually realize that not much is happening that they could not do themselves and then they quit the program. Finally, these Christian Debt Consolidators are paid by the credit card companies. Therefore, they are not working in your best interest but in the interest of the exact same credit card companies that you are having problems with, in the first place! Now back at square one, clients are very confused and hesitant to trust a Christian Debt Negotiation company. Therefore, we suggest that you do your homework first. Ensure that you are working with a Christian debt negotiation company and not a Christian debt consolidators company. Once you sure of this, you will be on the right road to recovery.