Christian Debt Reduction

A Christian debt reduction company is very different from the secular debt reduction company in several ways. To being with, over 50% of all of our Christian Debt Reduction counselors have been in your shoes at one time or another and know exactly, from their own personal experience, what it means to be in “the debt trap.” Not all of them have used a Christian Debt Reduction company, however, and will be happy to share the differences of their experiences with you. They are also well versed in knowing the humility, the angst, and most of all, the fear of doing nothing. As a result, they can immediately relate to you and identify with the trouble that you are personally experiencing. Our counselors recognize the need you have to find a moral and ethical solution to your credit card debt problems. Our Christian Debt Reduction team members are sincerely empathetic to your situation, again, having been there themselves.

Secondly, most folks do not realize that there are companies like ours in the U.S. that specialize in helping other Christians. As a result, they ended up working with secular companies to eliminate their credit card debt. We have nothing against these other companies. We just believe that when God has given us riches and asks us to be good stewards of those riches, many times and often though no fault of our own (a job loss, a new birth in the family, a death in the family, a divorce, and/or a health related issue) our ability to be good stewards dramatically changes, sometimes overnight.

Therefore, we believe in helping you find a company that you can trust outright. We believe that we are the right company to work with you. We believe that our 24 years of experience, our existing relationship with these creditors (working with them on a daily basis) and our commitment to following a moral and ethical approach to eliminating your debt forever, is the perfect formula for success. We also want you to remain debt free. Therefore, our program does not end when you are finally out of debt. In fact, it truly begins at that point. Please feel free to call us toll free at 800-890-6658, visit the “contact us” page, or fill out a form for a free no obligation look at how a Christian Debt Settlement company can help you.