Debt Collector Scare Tactics

One of the primary things a debt collector is taught in training is how to instill fear into the delinquent debtor. It is beyond us how people can actually do this for a living; however it is a fact of life. Credit card companies use debt collectors who are literally pros at intimidation. If you do not know how to deal with these people, which most people do not, you stand a very little chance against their ruthless assault.

These collectors usually employ psychological attacks on debtors, forcing many into paying off bills before they tend to the staples of life such as food and shelter. In addition, most collectors work on a commission basis. Therefore, their primary goal is to get a payment from the debtor, thus making themselves money. They will lie, trick, con, and manipulate you any way they can in order to get some type of payment from you.

Some of the more common tactics and common things they will tell the debtor in an effort to scare them:

  • Calling you several times a day. This is done to harass you, as if you didn’t know you owed money. All they are doing is trying to wear you down.
  • Send official looking documents in the mail pretending to be attorneys. Getting several different kinds of collection letters is common.
  • Some of them are going to threaten lawsuits but be sure to read the small print. You’ll find that many say your case has never even been looked at by an attorney. These letters are sent out by bulk in the thousands are meant to frighten you.
  • They are turning your account over to collections. This is part of the usual process and a delinquent account can be actively moving through more than one collection agency over a period of only a couple months.
  • They are going to "charge-off" your account. This simply means that they are listing your account as delinquent for accounting reasons. It has no impact on the process what so ever.
  • They are going to garnish your wages. They aren’t, not that easily. Garnishments have to go through a time-consuming legal process and can only be ordered by a judge.
  • They are going to put a lien on your property. Same thing. Only a judge can order a lien, and there is a required legal process that takes time.

We could go on, however you get the picture. We have processes in place should you be going though any of these tactics. Call us toll free and let us help you. Call today!