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Nationwide Debt Reduction Introduction – Part 7

7. Debt Help

Debt Help

If you are like the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are in need of debt help, you need not look any further. Our debt help services are rated in the top 5% of all debt settlement companies in the United States and the top 1% of all Christian debt help companies in the U.S. today.

How does Nationwide Debt Reduction, Inc. get such lofty numbers? We believe it starts with the truth. We know for example that there are “shame” debt settlement companies “out there.” In fact we know who most of them are. Why? Because, we get calls all across the country telling us that they have been ripped off by this debt negotiation company, or lost all of their money to a settlement company that just disappeared.

Truthfully this breaks our heart as we know there are many “bad apples” in this industry that prey on unsuspecting people for debt help. Since our business is conducted over the telephone, many times it is difficult to tell who really is telling the truth.

There is a solution however. If you have an earnest desire to pay off debt and become completely debt free… do your homework first. Earlier we mentioned the Better Business Bureau. You should never do business with any debt settlement company that you cannot look up on their site, which is This independent agency is there for you! For example, to look up our company, you would simple type in Nationwide Debt Reduction in Mesa, Arizona.

Here it will tell you how many complaints there have been against our company or any company for that matter.

As of this writing, I believe we have had two advertising complaints and one client complaints in 12 years! With over 500,000 clients that is a phenomenal track record. Again, how do we get there? By telling the truth about us, about the process, about our incentive based model of doing debt settlement, simply, easily so you can truly be debt free.

So, is it that Nationwide Debt Reduction has been around longer than any other debt negotiation company in the industry? Is it because our client services teams are second to none? Is it because we will tell you the truth when no other company will? Come find out for yourself and get the debt help you need and deserve. Always honest, always ethical. Call us today at 800-890-6658 for your free debt help consultation!

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