Debt Reduction Negotiation

Debt reduction negotiation, a service provided by Nationwide Debt Reduction, allows you to lower your debt between 30% and 60% of what you currently owe. Since we started operations over 24 years ago, debt reduction negotiation has been at the forefront of our operations. Debt reduction negotiation is a system that allows our professional management team to act on your behalf and represent you with each creditor or debt collector to whom you owe money.

It is the power of the debt reduction negotiation that really makes settling debt possible. So, how does it work? By signing up for Nationwide Debt Reduction’s debt reduction settlement program, you will sign what is called a Limited Power of Attorney authorization. This Limited Power of Attorney allows our professionals to act on your behalf in the negotiation process. One might ask why they cannot contact the creditors and try the debt reduction negotiation process themselves. Unfortunately, most people do not have the time, the wherewithal and the tools available to them to even know where to begin. Secondly, most creditors today will not deal directly with a debtor. They prefer to work with a professional who understands the debt reduction negotiation process.

Does this mean that you cannot try the debt reduction negotiation process on your own? It absolutely does not. Over the years we have had hundreds of clients try to do this on their own, only to come back and tell us of their frustrations. In addition, our professionals only earn a percentage of what they save our clients in the debt reduction negotiation process. The larger the amount of money they save you, the more of a percentage they make. Therefore, this is win-win-win situation for all involved. Through our debt reduction negotiation process, you win, as we are lowering your debt to the maximum amount allowed. The negotiator earns a percentage on the amount saved, and the creditor gets some money back (versus you filing for bankruptcy and the creditor receiving nothing).

Therefore, if you are in need of debt reduction negotiation services from Nationwide Debt Reduction, call or simply go to our “Getting Stated” page and get started! A professional consultant will contact you within 24 hours.