Debt Relief Program

Nationwide Debt Reduction Introduction - Part 2

2. Debt Relief Program

If you “coincidentally” happened to come across our debt relief web site, we consider you are one of the lucky ones. Why? Because since Nationwide Debt Reduction, Inc. has been in business for over 12 years, we have helped over hundreds of thousands of individuals, families and/or small business get the debt help that they need through our incentive based debt negotiation process.

How does this process work? Well, we offer a very unique debt relief program whereby our debt negotiation center is designed to get the credit card debt that you owe settled for the lowest amount possible. Many times this could be as low as $.20 to $.25 cents on the dollar. The lower our negotiators can negotiate your credit card debt down, the more money they earn and the less amount you owe on your credit card debt, helping you on your way to becoming debt free!

For example, let us assume you owe one of your creditors $1,000.00. Our negotiators earn 25% of the dollar amount they save you. Therefore if attorney “A” negotiates your credit card debt down to say $400 or $.40 cents on the dollar, in this example you saved $600.00. He/she then earns approximately 25% of $600 or $150. The total to pay off your credit card debt in this example would be $400 to the credit card company and $150 to the attorney for a total of $550. Your original balance was $1,000. Therefore, if you divide $550 by $1,000, you completed that debt settlement at $.55 cent on the dollar.

However, let us assume you owe the same $1,000.00, and attorney “B” negotiates your credit card debt down to $300 or $.30 cents on the dollar. The attorney just made an extra $25 as you saved $700 in this example. ($700 x 25% = $175). However, you are only paying the credit card company $300. Therefore the total you would pay off would be $300 + $175 or $475 dollars. Your original balance was still $1,000. Therefore if you divide $475 by $1,000, you completed that debt settlement at $.475 cents on the dollar.

In summary then the lower our attorneys can get your debt settlement down, the better it is for you and the better it is for them. It is a win-win situation. Therefore, when we say debt relief we truly mean debt relief. 95% of all Nationwide Debt Reduction, Inc. clients finish our program at between $.48 to $.55 cents on the dollar, including ALL FEES.

That is why we feel it is no coincident that you came to our debt relief help site in order to have a professional company help you become completely debt free by utilizing our debt negotiation and debt settlement process.

Therefore, if you are truly looking for an ethical and moral Christian company to help you become debt free and pay off debt through this process, please complete our Contact Form or call us toll free at 800-890-6658.

We have professional advisors on staff to answer your questions and help you better understand the debt relief process, so you too can finally be DEBT FREE!

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