Debt Relief

Debt Relief

Using a professional debt relief service is the best, safest and fastest way to eliminate credit card debt in America today. At Nationwide Debt Reduction, we negotiate and compromise directly with your creditors to settle your debt. We believe that we give the best debt relief services, also known as debt settlement, available in the country today. Credit card debt, outside of the U.S. government debt, is currently the largest growing debt in our country.

Credit card debt, medical and doctor bills, personal loans etc., are examples of unsecured debt. “Unsecured” means that your debt is not secured by anything other than the debt itself. Unlike a home mortgage that is secured by the home, or an auto or truck loan that is secured by the vehicle, most debt in America today is unsecured. Debt settlement services can only be applied to unsecured debt. If you miss payments on your home, the bank can foreclose on your home. If you miss too many payments on your vehicle, the bank can repossess it. However, with unsecured debt, the bank cannot “take” anything from you. This is why debt relief services are allowed to work.

At Nationwide Debt Reduction, we make offers and negotiate with your creditors to settle your debt for a fraction of what you owe. Why, you say, would a creditor or a collection agency do this? The reason is simple. These creditors do not want their debtors to go bankrupt, because they get nothing in return. Debt relief is a way for the owner of the debt and the creditor to compromise and come up with an agreement to settle for a lesser amount. This process is something we do every day, and we have the experience and the knowledge to obtain the lowest possible settlement amount.

Debt settlement achieved by Nationwide Debt Reduction has benefited hundreds of thousands of Americans, just like you, across the country. Our services have been highly rated, based upon our relationships with the creditors and collection agencies over the years. That is why we believe that the best debt relief you can find today is through our company, Nationwide Debt Reduction. All creditors are familiar with Nationwide. They have been working with our company for over 24 years.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who find themselves in credit card debt, you should consider reducing this debt immediately. The longer you wait, the more interest charges and other fees are added to what you owe. If you cannot afford to make even the lowest payment for these bills, then you will start getting calls and letters from your creditors. These calls and letters may have already begun. If you don’t answer the calls or open the letters, the problem doesn’t go away. Creditors are relentless. They will keep calling. They will keep sending threatening letters. They will harass you until you do something.

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