What is a Debt Management Program?

A debt management program is a proven program for consumers who can no longer continue to meet their financial obligations, such as credit card debt, student loans, and other personal and unsecured debt, due to any number of different circumstances. Nationwide Debt Reduction Services provides you access to free, no obligation professional debt counselors who can work directly with your creditors to create a repayment plan that often includes a lower monthly payment, stopped or reduced interest, and the elimination of late fees and over limit fees. This way, more of your payment goes to reducing your debt, thus getting you out of debt faster. You make one monthly payment to Nationwide Debt Reduction each month, and in turn, we put that into a trust account for you to pay creditors that we make settlements with.

If this sounds like a real solution to your debt problems, contact us today, and learn to live debt free. Unlike many other programs, there is never a charge for Nationwide Debt Reduction consultations. Costs for your debt management program may vary based on state regulations and the number of creditors you place on the program. Clients typically pay a nominal set-up cost to cover the expense of account setup, and a monthly service charge to cover recurring expenses. To find out if our debt management program is right for you, please call us toll free and speak to one of our professional debt counselors.

In addition, our debt management programs have helped people who were contemplating bankruptcy to avoid it altogether. And unlike bankruptcy, the program will help you pay off your debt get your finances under control. Bankruptcy should be your last stop, not your first. It can stay on your credit record for up to ten years, and could make it more difficult to obtain credit in the future, whereas debt management can help find solutions to your debt problems and eventually eliminate debt.

In short then, a Debt Management Plan is one of the numerous solutions that our Professional Debt Counselors can explain to you after a thorough evaluation of your financial situation. If it is appropriate, and you choose, to use our services, you can leave the stress regarding your debts to us. We will set you up on a structured plan that meets your specific criteria.