Is Debt Relief Program Right for You?

As odd as it may sound, you really may or may not know if a debt relief company is what you need when facing a myriad of credit card debt. Recently, we conducted a random study of approximately 1,500 people in and around the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our questionnaire consisted of ten basic questions relating to people’s use of their current credit cards, if they had used a debt settlement program in the past, or if they have they ever used a loan to consolidate their credit card debt.
Below are the 7 questions that received the most responses:
1.) Am I living off of my credit cards? In other words, if I did not have any credit card debt, could I pay my regular bills each month without them?
2.) Do I just make the minimum monthly payment each month, or maybe just a little more than the minimum monthly payment?
3.) Do I feel that even though I make my payments, I just do not seem to be getting anywhere?
4.) Have I ever used a debt relief or debt reduction program in the past?
5.) Do I play the balance transfer game with different credit card companies?
6.) Do I hide my credit card debt from my spouse or significant other for my own use?
7.) Am I living beyond my means right now?
The survey was weighted in such a way as to determine if anyone answered yes to three or more of these questions they definitely needed debt help. In addition, if their credit card debt was such that they often used balance transfers to lower their credit card interest rate, that answered was weighted as two points instead of just one.
The survey found that over 67% of the 1,500 people interviewed in the survey were definitely in need of some type of debt help.
The analysts also concluded that not only did these people need some type of debt relief or debt settlement help, however they also concluded that their debt issues were only a symptom of their debt problem. The spending habits or reasons given for the credit card use were based on a multiple of factors. Those included the loss of a job, an illness in the family, a recent divorce, a cut back in pay, or assistance in helping an elderly parent.
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