Credit-Debt counseling can help make your monthly bills manageable

Depending on your specific financial situation, debt settlement and a debt management plan may be a better option for you than debt consolidation. That’s why Nationwide Debt Reduction also offers a terrific program debt consolidation companies cannot.

Here at Nationwide Debt Reduction, we understand that when you’re having a hard time paying your bills, it’s not necessarily the result of reckless spending habits but may have started in an unexpected emergency or in circumstances beyond your control - a car accident, a stay at the hospital, a lost job.

We make an effort to understand the full extent of your financial situation so we can help you find the debt relief program that is best for you.

Our goal here at Nationwide Debt Reduction is not just to help you get your unsecured debts paid off in the short term, but to provide you with resources, credit counseling, and education that you can keep using for years to come as you move on to a financially stable future.
Credit Counseling: What to Expect

When you call us, we can provide a confidential, no obligation credit counseling session at no charge. Our professionally trained credit counselors will ask you questions to evaluate your current financial situation, including taking a detailed review of what your expenses are each month versus your income and what you can realistically afford to pay.

We’ll offer you a budget analysis, based on your own individual financial situation, to help you decide whether a debt relief plan is the right solution for you. We’ll always make sure you know what your other debt reduction options are, so that you can make an informed decision that’s the best fit for your situation.

Our professional counselors will work with you to come up with monthly payments that you can handle while getting your debts paid off as quickly as possible. We’ll also work with your creditors in negotiating the lowest possible amount of dollars they will accept as part of your settlement.

And our services don’t stop just because you’ve enrolled in our program. After we’ve gone through your initial credit counseling session and budget review, if you qualify for our program and get started, we will help you the entire time you’re enrolled in our program, to help you stay on track and make sure you’re on your way toward meeting your debt reduction goals.
Debt Management Plans: What They Are and How They Work

A debt reduction plan is a realistic payment plan, set up so that we can help you simplify your monthly debt obligations, reduce your debt, and get your financial footing back.

Each debt management plan is individually designed to provide you with a unique debt relief solution custom-tailored to your own financial situation. Our goal is to help you pay off your enrolled debt in three years or less, even in as little as 12 months depending upon your circumstances! Remember that the sooner you pay off a debt, the more you save in interest charges that accumulate month after month.

When you enroll in a Nationwide Debt Relief’s debt management plan, we will negotiate the best settlement possible, along with easy monthly payments, so you can get out of debt in the fastest time possible. Your debts are negotiated and you are out of debt in no time.