Calculating Your Credit Score

When you enrolled in Nationwide’s Debt Reduction’s Program, you made a decision that getting out of debt was far more important to you than trying to “save” your credit score. Most of our clients instinctively knew that they were going to sink deeper into debt if they continued doing what they had been doing before [...]

Debt Solutions

Facing a stack of credit card bills that you cannot handle? Do you wish there were a place you could turn to and have it all go away? Well, you are in the right place as Nationwide Debt Reduction, in business for over 13 years now, has been helping folks just like you pay off [...]

Credit Scores and Debt

Whenever you enroll in Debt Reduction Program, such as the one at Nationwide Debt Reduction, you are making a decision that becoming debt free is much more important to you than retaining a good record of payments to your creditors for a short period of time. In fact, you either are or about to start [...]

Credit Card Debt Help

Hint: When you see or hear someone state “We can eliminate over 80% of your debt within 24 hours…run the other way. In today’s era where unemployment is high and rising credit card delinquencies are now par for the course, BEWARE of the promises you hear from debt settlement advertisers. A lot of it “sounds [...]

The Debt Settlement Industry

The debt settlement industry dates back to around 1998, when pioneers of the industry, such as the owner of Nationwide Debt Reduction, Inc., realized the need for debt help for themselves, their businesses or family members. In NDR’s case, our owner was personally in debt himself and did not know where to turn to get [...]

Understanding Your Credit Report

Do you understand what is on your credit report? If your answer is “No,” do not worry. You are definitely not alone! Most people cannot read a credit report, much less understand what they are trying to convey. Credit reports, very much like credit card statements are getting easier to read however Congress has passed [...]

Can you Get Out of Debt Yourself?

Over the course of any given month, we will inevitability get a phone call from a prospective client, who after going over debt relief program with them, with state something like; “Well I cannot see any reason why I just cannot do this on my own. I mean how hard can it actually be to [...]

My $7,000 Gas BBQ Grill!

Back when I was foolishly using my credit cards to buy whatever I wanted, when I wanted, I desperately wanted to be “the king” of my neighborhood when it came to having the beat gas barbeque grill, which included a fancy wet bar and built in refrigerator. The price tag for my dream BBQ was [...]

My New BBQ Grill

I desperately wanted to be the king of my neighborhood when it came to the latest gas barbeque grill, which included a wet bar and refrigerator available on the market today. The price tag for my dream BBQ was roughly $5,000 and I want it badly. I was getting solicitations in the mail every other [...]

Digging Out of Debt

The secret to paying off credit-card debt is really very simple: All you need to do is earn more than you spend, and apply the savings toward paying down your debt. So then what makes tackling credit-card debt so hard? Sadly, many seem to be losing the battle of the credit-card balance. Consider that 50% [...]