Calculating Your Credit Score

When you enrolled in Nationwide’s Debt Reduction’s Program, you made a decision that getting out of debt was far more important to you than trying to “save” your credit score. Most of our clients instinctively knew that they were going to sink deeper into debt if they continued doing what they had been doing before [...]

Should You Borrow from Retirement Plan to Get Our of Debt?

I was recently asked a very interesting question that I did not know the answer to right off the top of my head. That questions was; “Should I borrow from my retirement accounts, such as my 401(k), IRA or my wife’s 403(b) to pay off your debt? These days approximately 85% of all employees with [...]

Credit Cards and Balance Transfers

Almost all Americans over the age of 18, have at one time or another been solicited by the credit card industry offering either a low introductory interest rate or the opportunity to perform a balance transfer from their exiting credit cards as a sales pitch to win over new customers. Is a balance transfer a [...]

What Is Debt Reduction?

Volume 1, Issue 3 Debt Reduction is simply the process by which our attorneys negotiate a lower dollar pay off on your credit card debt than what you currently owe. Why would a credit card company do that you may ask? Well, as mentioned on previous pages, studies show that if you have had a [...]