Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement Companies

Let us begin with Debt Consolidation first. To begin with, Debt Consolidation companies are typically owned by the credit card companies themselves. That should tell you something very important. For example, they (the debt consolidation companies) probably do not have my best interest at heart. If you think along these lines you would be 100% [...]

Debt Consolidation Loans / A Christian Perspective

Did you know that throughout the Holy Bible there are over two hundred and fifty (250) references to debt or indebtedness? The writers of these books in the Bible were obviously inspired, however many of the quotes come directly from Our Lord as well. Why do you suppose God was trying to convey to His [...]

There is a Debt Settlement Solution

Facing a stack of credit card debt that you cannot handle? Do you wish there were someplace that you could just have someone help you become debt free? Well, you are in the right place as Nationwide Debt Reduction, Inc., in business for over 13 years, helps folks just like you pay off your debt [...]

Finding the Right Debt Relief Company

You are facing a stack of credit card bills, you are barely making the minimum monthly payments and you do not know where to turn for help. Take heart. It is estimated that is 2011 alone, over 3.7 million American households sought some type of debt relief help. Of those, over 70% or 2.6 million [...]

My $7,000 Gas BBQ Grill!

Back when I was foolishly using my credit cards to buy whatever I wanted, when I wanted, I desperately wanted to be “the king” of my neighborhood when it came to having the beat gas barbeque grill, which included a fancy wet bar and built in refrigerator. The price tag for my dream BBQ was [...]

Credit Card Myths

This week I am going to try and write to you about some of the myths that surround credit card debt in general and debt settlement companies as a whole. Since my last post last week where I brought your attention to the United States Debt Clock, I would like to answer some of [...]

My New BBQ Grill

I desperately wanted to be the king of my neighborhood when it came to the latest gas barbeque grill, which included a wet bar and refrigerator available on the market today. The price tag for my dream BBQ was roughly $5,000 and I want it badly. I was getting solicitations in the mail every other [...]