Finding the Right Debt Relief Company

You are facing a stack of credit card bills, you are barely making the minimum monthly payments and you do not know where to turn for help. Take heart. It is estimated that is 2011 alone, over 3.7 million American households sought some type of debt relief help. Of those, over 70% or 2.6 million [...]

Can you Get Out of Debt Yourself?

Over the course of any given month, we will inevitability get a phone call from a prospective client, who after going over debt relief program with them, with state something like; “Well I cannot see any reason why I just cannot do this on my own. I mean how hard can it actually be to [...]

Consumer Credit Counseling Companies

One of the most important things you must understand when you find yourself in the “debt trap.”  That is, what type of company are you dealing with?  There are two major types of companies in our industry.  One is called Debt Consolidation and the other is called Debt Reduction.  One works for you and one [...]

Debt…There Is A Solution!

If you have come across this article and have decided to take the time to read it, I commend you! The reason; having to face a stack of credit card debt that you simply cannot manage is not an easy task. I know, as I personally have been there more than once in my career(s). [...]

You Do Not Have to Face Your Debt Alone!

Volume 1, Issue 4 If you are like the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are in need of debt help, you need not look any further. Our debt help services are rated in the top 5% of all debt settlement companies in the United States and the top 1% of all Christian debt solution [...]